The Pearl Golf Course

By Douglas Scarboro, Contributor

SUNSET BEACH, NC - The Pearl Golf Course is located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina which is only a stone’s throw from the collection of courses in the area known as the Grand Strand. This area spans 60 miles from the top edge of South Carolina and ends in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Within this area, you can find an allotment of courses that run the spectrum from five-star, high dollar hot spots to out of the way, local favorites that are equally challenging to all levels of golfers. If you do not like the costs or pace of play at one course, it is a simple thing to pick up and play at another course.

You are sure to be in a state of relaxation while playing any of the courses in the area. After you find a place to stay, in this quiet place where locals seem to known no strangers, just friends they have not met yet, you can fulfill your search for great golf. This should not be a hard or difficult task. It is best to set your criteria for the day and go about fulfilling your dreams on some of the best holes of golf you will find.

If you are looking to indulge yourself in the challenge of playing 36 holes in a day, The Pearl Golf Course should be at the top on your list. Providing an East and a West course and a proclamation by Matt Barr, Director of Golf, "that no two holes look alike," you should be able to fill at least one of your golf fantasies.

The Pearl East Course is a traditional layout, carved throughout the pristine forest with a dynamic finish along the Calabash River. On the other hand, the Pearl's West course is links-style with lots of open stretches complemented by thick displays of pampas greens. Each course provides its own particular challenge.

Being that this property exists close to the Carolina coast, it saw some of the effects of Hurricane Bertha that affected so many in the area. Luckily, the damage at The Pearl Golf Course was limited to downed trees and some loss of tee times. The missing trees have taken nothing away from the landscape and architecture of the course.

The East and West courses differ in playability and scenery, but are alike in their enjoyment. This has been enhanced by the remodeling of the East Course, which reopened in March of 2000. The prior fairway grass was replaced with Crenshaw sod during a nine month closing. This time allowed them to make changes that have turned out wonderfully. Golfers will surly enjoy the changes to the West course scheduled for the summer of 2002. Akin to the changes to the East course, there will not be any structural changes, but changes to the existing beauty and playability of the course.

Visitors to the area will enjoy great golf packages at The Pearl and other area golf courses owned by the Williamson Family, who own several courses in the area. Locals will enjoy the special rates and the challenge of the golf. The small town feel of the Village of Sunset Beach is enhanced during the off season, but the high seasons of October through November and May through June still show remnants of the individual charm of a small town. Locals will make you feel at home and ensure relaxation.

Hungry visitors to the area should be sure to visit Calabash, NC, which is located close to The Pearl Golf Course. The name "Calabash" reportedly came from Native Americans in the area who named the original settlement after a long neck gourd. The Calabash River is shaped like a gourd and the rest is history.

Proudly called the "Seafood Capital of the World," many of the town's restaurants have docks where fishermen will bring the daily catch right to the back door. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a romantic dinner with a moonlit view of the river, this little port town offers an abundance of great restaurants. The name of the town is also a style of cooking that includes delicious seafood and comfort food.

For those who decide to visit the area, The Pearl Golf Course will fill their golfing appetite while the beauty and culture of the region will satisfy other hungers.

Douglas Scarboro, Contributor

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