Boone Golf Club: Full of Adventure in North Carolina

By Douglas G. Scarboro, Contributor

BOONE, NC - As you exit Hwy 321 into the driveway of the Boone Golf Club, you will first notice the rolling hills that are a common sight in this mountainous region. However, once you are on the course it is almost surprising that elevation changes are not one of the factors that you have to deal with. Although the Boone Golf Club sits a stone throw away from the Blue Ridge Mountain Region, it is a rolling and relatively flat course.

The most challenging elevation change that you will deal with is choosing a beautiful view to take when looking from the clubhouse perched high atop the golf course. You can choose from the mountains off in the distance, a beautiful manicured golf course, or the hustle and bustle of a small North Carolina town.

From the first tee looking back at the club house, you see a large silhouette of Daniel Boone and understand where the town and course got their name.

This vantage point allows you to see a practice putting area that is located below. If you have not played mountain golf before, be prepared to be dazzled by their plush greens. The greens at Boone Golf Club are a combination of bent grass and poana and the result is a wonderful carpet like putting surface.

Due to the amount of precipitation in the weeks preceding my visit, the greens were very rich in color. These beautiful greens are a joy to putt on once you navigate the tricky fairways of this course.

From the first tee you look out onto what should be an simple drive into the 390-yard, par-4. The fairway drops off from the tee box and turns slightly right as you approach the green. Your day will go better if you are careful not to get behind one the select trees on this open fairway. The next hole does not let up on your ability to precisely place you drive.

The first par-5 of the course is 523-yards long and gives you plenty of room to land a first and second shot. To the left is the New River, one of the oldest in the area, which reappears many times along the length of the course. The wide fairway plays into a protected green with bunkers on the right side.

On the fourth hole, the kid gloves are taken off and the course starts to become more difficult.

A small creek runs along the entire right side of the fairway and then cuts in front of the green. The tight fairway is manageable by playing out to the left and getting a good view of the tricky undulating green. Once on the green, be careful as the greens can cause your score to skyrocket.

As you progress on the front nine you reach the sixth hole which provides a great view of the back of the clubhouse. This 508-yard hole starts out innocently enough with a drive around a slight right dogleg and leaves with an open look to the green.

Throwing caution to the wind, it would be easy to try to reach the green in two. Although those adventurous birdie seekers should take note of the hidden water hazard in the middle of the fairway that is innocently marked with a flag stick. The large green complicates your task by allowing for some very difficult pin placements.

Hole number eight is best played after seeking the wisdom of some of Boone's regular players. The most predictable shot off the tee would be to play into the large fairway opening that is to the right of the hole.

However, locals will tell you that the easiest way in on this 206-yard hole is to play over the maple tree on the left of the fairway and leave yourself with a short wedge shot into the green.

The front nine finishes with a uphill par 4. This hole is located by the entrance road and calls for a good amount of placement on the drive.

The middle of the fairway seems relatively serene until see your ball hit to one of the right to left sloping hills in the fairway and then roll back into a sunken area. Bad positioning will leave you with a difficult second shot to the green that is guarded by a creek bed.

The second nine starts on the other side of the parking lot. As you pass by the clubhouse or make a stop at The Fairway Café you should take time to relish in the simple peacefulness of this course. This municipal course reminds you of the beauty of the game of golf.

Hole number 10 does not let you forget that you are in the mountains. The par 5, measures 580-yards from the back tees, requires a good drive on a fairway that is a rolling hill that slopes from high on the right to low on the left. The optimal shot would be to play the ball far enough so that get a fortuitous kick off the hill and gain some forward momentum. The additional yardage will help you as you face an uphill challenge on your next shot.

For those playing it safe and deciding to lay up, the best position is to be just below the hole on the left hand side. A good up and down will safely deliver you to a decent score. As reward for your smart play, you can taste the goodness of an mountain apple from the tree located behind the hole.

On the very next hole you are faced with a tough par 3. An uphill shot, you must aim straight at the flag to get on in one. The large spongy green will assist you in landing your shot softly. Your putt can become difficult if you are left with a downhill runner. The next hole of measure is the 410-yard par 4. The hole plays slightly uphill and the majority of the fairway is on the left.

If you're unfortunate enough to land far on the right hand side. be careful to keep the air out of your shot so that you successfully navigate the trees. The large protected green will allow you to easily roll of off the back, so check your distances.

On a course that does not have significant elevation changes, you are required to watch out for subtle changes and dangers. One such danger appears on number 15.

The 307-yard hole presents itself as a simple par 4 that can be played with a three wood and wedge. You eyes deceive you of the fact that there is a creek running through the fairway at the usual distance of your drive. This unseen hazard requires you to sacrifice your distance off the tee and play one of your middle or long irons into the green.

The course ends with a 420-yard hole that turns to the left a tiny bit. The tee shot may become victim to one of the many trees that surrounds the tee on this shot.

Your second shot is an uphill carry that will land you on a another of the course's large table top greens. Looking back from the green you can once again see many beautiful mountain sites and views.

The Boone Golf Club is well maintained course that is played on a regular basis by members and guests alike.

On a daily basis, the members participate in a dogfight tournament that tests the challenge of this course. With green fees ranging in the $30 range, it is an accessible and very playable course.

Douglas G. Scarboro, Contributor

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  • Boone golf

    Michael Krol wrote on: Apr 16, 2012

    Just got back from playing here and have gotten commitments from three friends to join me next trip. The standard superlatives don't describe this course. It is simply hands down the nicest course that I've ever played at any price point. The staff was outstanding, the fairways and greens at this course offered a fun challenge without being maddening. I played my final round on Friday, getting paired up with a man named Fabry. He gave me some pointers on playing the course, and I'm planning on trying to find him next spring. All the folks who make thig golf course work the way it does should hold their heads high for a job well done. p.s. shout out to Derrick the cart man. You guys made my trip great