Q&A with Hilton Head Golf Vacations' Chris Gariti

Name of business: Hilton Head Golf Vacations Inc.

Country Club of Hilton Head - Hole 12
The Country Club of Hilton Head is among the best conditioned courses in Lowcountry.
Country Club of Hilton Head - Hole 12
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Years in business: 5

Location and contact info: PO Box 22476 Hilton Head Island, SC 29925 1-800-364-9683

How did your business get started?

I was a sales manager at a local villa rental company. My main duties were in booking golf groups. I established a lot of contacts at the different Hilton Head courses as well as hotels and rental companies. I saw a need for a one stop shop for golf groups wanting to come to Hilton Head so I started my company Hilton Head Golf Vacations.

What does your business do for golfers?

We find accommodations and recommend courses that suit our customer's needs and budget. We set up tee times and confirm accommodations up to a year in advance.

What makes your business unique to others like it?

We are located in Hilton Head and golf packages are all we do. We play the courses we recommend and we preview the accommodations our guests stay in. We are not a rental company trying to fill rooms. We recommend what will fit our customer 's needs and budget.

Often, the strength of the staff and their experience is critical to success. Describe your staff and some of their abilities.

We are a family owned and operated company of golf enthusiasts where our customers are our first priority.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business and how have you dealt with them?

Many hotels and rental companies are now packaging golf with their accommodations so there is more competition than there used to be. We have been able to keep our customers and continue to grow our business by offering strong customer service and more options than other companies.

What's the future for you business?

Our business has grown significantly every year since we started. We provide a quality service at a good price and therefore we have a very high repeat business.

Name and title of person filling out the questionnaire: Chris Gariti, President

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